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New and old 'content' Podcast

I wanted to get up here for posterity.



And if you've made it this far, here's a special track for you.

How do you copyright a phrase?

I want credit for coining the term "aught rock", which is the indie/pitchfork/daytrotter rock bands of the 2000s.


You can see what I mean with this beauty of a playlist I've been working on.


People as Brands

Best part is at the 50 minute mark.


"When a person says they are a brand, that's basically the end of my relationship with them" - Chuck Klosterman



Years ago, a coworker in sf told me to watch this vid-

Read this article today-

I know they talk about the same topic, but can't quite articulate how they are from different angles.  Stuffs definitely broken, though.

... I write as I listen to the new Kanye, after signing up for the free trial of Tidal.  I do think 'Real Friends" is pretty…Read more
Bowie 5 yrs

On Bowie...

This documentary shows the 'genius' he had as a trailblazer, completely destroying his previous persona.

These isolated vocals are my favorite

Ohh, and happy 2016.  Stay tuned.

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Sundown Festival 2015

Willow Grove, 740 Merrimans Lane , Winchester

SUNDOWN is a full day collaboration of eclectic artists and pioneering independent music at an evocative, natural outdoor venue in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, not far from Washington DC.

A total of 14 local and regional bands and solo performers will be featured, spanning genres from tender folk to loud indie rock. Eclectic arts and handmade goods will be part of this all day fest as will food carts/trucks and good ole craft and domestic beer.