Nano Brew Show Recap

Thanks so much to all who came out, the folks at the Lamont Street Collective, Kyle Gildea for making the nano brews, LA Johnson for the art, and Peyote Pilgrim for getting the party started with an awesome set (they are working on a new album, and I think they’re using a 4 in. reel to reel, so that’ll be something to look forward to).

Here are various photos

All the swag

Here’s the setlist

To Be Determined…
Standing in Line
Barefooted in the Barren Fields
Lester Freamon’s Advice to Jimmy
Paradise Falls
Nothing is Broken (That Wasn’t Meant to Break)
Marionette Dolls
Old Crows
Everybody Waited (Nobody Came)
Whatever It Is

And here’s all the press that said why should’ve come
Washington City Paper

Art Beat with Lauren Landau (WAMU 88.5)

I’ll be playing at the Black Squirrel in AdMo on the 15th, so come out.

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